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Glebeland Primary School

Our School's Vision and Mission

Our Vision at Glebeland Primary School is that all our pupils will grow and develop into well-rounded and confident individuals. We believe it is vital that our pupils:

  • Know what it means to be successful, passionate, hard-working learners

  • Leave school with a strong sense of identity of who they are

  • Have a clear understanding of the world in which they live

  • Be valued, respectful and responsible members of their community

  • Thrive, achieve well and are ready for their next stage in education

Ultimately, every child will leave school having achieved their very best and being the very best they can be.

We will strive to achieve this through our partnership between home, school and our community. We will create a warm, inclusive and purposeful learning environment where learning, enjoyment, friendships and caring are at the heart of everything we do.

In order to achieve our vision our staff will:

  • Inspire and enthuse our pupils

  • Have high expectations of ourselves and others

  • Set high standards of teaching and learning

  • Foster a love of learning; a passion for a subject and desire to study all subjects

  • Immerse our pupils in a rich diet of cultural capital through literature, poetry and the Arts.

  • Provide high-quality, stimulating learning opportunities

  • Provide an inclusive, safe and welcoming environment

  • Foster a strong partnership with our families and local community

  • Be positive role-models

  • Listen to, respect and value every child

  • Build knowledge, skills and character



In order to achieve our vision, our pupils:

  • Are ready and willing to work hard 

  • Are motivated, enthusiastic and positive learners

  • Take responsibility for their learning and themselves

  • Behave in a safe and respectful manner

  • Respect and look after their environment

  • Take pride in their achievements

  • Support others and celebrate their achievements

  • Try new things with a can-do attitude

In order to achieve our vision, our families: 

  • Encourage and support their child and the school by taking an interested role in their education and development

  • Encourage pupils to aspire to do their best and celebrate success

  • Ensure punctuality and good attendance

  • Provide their child with the appropriate equipment and correct uniform

  • Value the school’s expectations and promote the importance of learning

  • Work positively with school to develop a strong home-school partnership