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Glebeland Primary School

Transition to High Schools

Children transfer to secondary school at the age of eleven. Most children transfer to Hobart High School in Loddon, while others, in recent years,  have joined Sir John Leman High School in Beccles, the Beccles Free School and Bungay High School. There is close liaison between Glebeland and these high schools, in order to ease the transition of our Year 6 pupils to secondary school.

During the Summer term, staff from both Hobart and John Leman visit the Year 6 children at school and there are opportunities for the children to spend time at their chosen High Schools, taking part in lessons and getting to know some of the teachers. Parents are invited to evening meetings during the Autumn Term.

During the year, various activities take place at Hobart, usually together with other local primary schools. In the past year, these have included a mathematics day, swimming gala, tennis and basketball tournaments and science mornings. As well as activities at Hobart children from the school have taken part in activities at Langley School in Loddon.